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Meet The Instructor
Nsombi Woodson

Nsombi Woodson has over 20 years of passion, talent and expertise in the floral and event industry.  Her love of flowers began in childhood among the beautiful roses her grandmother grew in her Bronx backyard. During a post-college internship with an event planner, she saw a true floral artist’s work for the first time. “It took my breath away. I said to myself, "I want to do that!" 20 years on, she explains her artistic philosophy as a "flowers as muse" approach which informs her design and teaching style. “Trying very hard not to mess up what Mother Nature has given.” She loves demonstrating the joyful, meditative, and restorative nature of floral design.

Nsombi’s floral designs have been featured in Elle Decor Magazine, Kips Bay Decorator Show House, Southern Bride Magazine, Coveteur and Architecture Digest.  She has collaborated with the premier interior and event designers in the country and is the resident instructor of floral design at The New York Botanical Garden. 

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